In 1957, in the midst of changing technologies and exciting new advances in both the radio and television mediums, Charlotte broadcaster William A. Vaughn blazed a trail toward an educational facility that would provide hands-on training in all aspects of the growing broadcast industry.  Supported by a group of area broadcasters, on January 2, the school enrolled its first group of students.

Operating under the supervision of the Broadcast Training Foundation, comprised of a diverse group of leaders in the broadcast industry, Mr. Vaughn was the school’s director until shortly before his death in 1989, when he named Mr. Jim Martinson as his replacement.  Upon Mr. Martinson’s retirement in September 1992, the Carolina School of Broadcasting was purchased by a group of area broadcasters and now operates under the umbrella of the Corporation for Broadcast Training.

From its inception, Carolina School of Broadcasting was created to provide the broadcast industry with well-trained entry-level employees.  It was, and is, a simple concept, but one that has withstood the test of time: broadcasters training want-to-be broadcasters.

Carolina School of Broadcasting has operated without interruption since  the first student enrolled in 1957.  Today, it is the oldest stand alone broadcasting school in America.  With thousands of graduates throughout the United States of America, Canada and Europe, Carolina School of Broadcasting is proud of its heritage and the success of its graduates.

Carolina School of Broadcasting is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges (NCCCS) and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges.  (ACCSC)

Here is a peek a few picture from the past:

The School was located on Fenton Place during the 1970's and 1980's

Sketch of an early classroom

Sketch of Bill Vaughn and Student (late 1960's)


Bill Vaughn, School Founder

Carolina School of Broadcasting is accreditated by the ACCSC.
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