Scholarship Opportunities

Millions of dollars of scholarships are awarded annually from outside agencies to aid students in their academic endeavors. Scholarships are so coveted because they are funds that a student does not have to pay back once they complete their program of study. Searching for and applying for scholarships takes time and a lot of commitment but can be very fruitful in the end.

Carolina School of Broadcasting encourages all of our students to invest the time in applying for scholarships. The misconception that scholarships are only for straight A students is far from reality. Many scholarship organizations focus on unique qualities and excellence in character. Focus on your individual qualities when conducting scholarship searches and you will quickly find that there are plenty of opportunities for you.

Below we have provided links to some FREE scholarship search engines as well as direct links to a few scholarship opportunities that pertain to the broadcasting industry or Charlotte, NC area.

PLEASE NOTE that Carolina School of Broadcasting is not affiliated with any of these organizations and does not endorse any of these sites. This is strictly to aid students in their quest for scholarship opportunities. You should NEVER have to pay for scholarship information or application. Please read all privacy terms and use caution when submitting personal information to any organization.

Free Scholarship Searches:

US Department of Labor’s Free Scholarship Search Tool

Individual Scholarship Opportunities:

Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship $2,500 Unknown
Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund $500 – $3400 March 3
CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship $5,000 May
FACT Trade/Technical School Scholarship $2,500 January 15th
Freedom of Speech PSA Contest $3,000 May 9
Harold E. Ennes Scholarship Varies July 1
Hawaii Association of Broadcasters Scholarship Varies April 1
IP Video Contest $5,000 July 1
Joel Garcia Memorial Scholarship $500 – $1000 Unknown
John H. Battison Founder’s Scholarship Varies July 1
MBA Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program $2,000 March 28
mikeroweWORKS Foundation Scholarship ProgramĀ  Varies Unknown
Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship Varies July 1
Ryan White Memorial Scholarship Fund $1,500 October
Scott-McKenna Memorial Scholarship $1,500 May 30
Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award Varies Unknown
The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photojournalist $2,500 November 15
The Wilmore Scholarship Fund $500 – $2000 March 3
Walmart Associate Scholarship Varies Unknown
Youth Scholarship Varies July 1


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