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Radio was one of the first social networks.   It was one of the first live and engaging forms of media.

From the early days of gathering around to listen to a radio show during dinner to the era of  launching the newest song from the hottest up-and-coming artist, Radio has always been about entertainment.

Radio is more about entertainment today than ever before.  But the days of simply being an entertainer are over.

Today’s Radio jobs demand that on-air personalities have the technical skills to complement their voice and personality. With hands-on classes and a student-run and operated on-campus radio station, The Carolina School of Broadcasting provides the all-important preparation you need to enter the world of Radio with a full toolbox of industry-related skills.  Additionally, you are trained and mentored by working professionals of the Radio Industry.


Radio.  Get in on in it!  Click the Start Here button below, fill out the contact form and learn more.

Check out our student run campus station, operating without interruption since the first student enrolled in 1957.