Carolina School of Broadcasting is working harder than ever to assure you a quality hands-on broadcast learning experience. Success in providing that type of education is dependent on our ability to combine an effective continuity of education with instructors who are working broadcast professionals.

“Broadcasters training want-to-be broadcasters” is the cornerstone of Carolina School of Broadcasting’s existence. Being taught by broadcasters who do for a living what they are teaching you to do is value-added in today’s academic world.

Every faculty member has two distinct occupations; their industry occupation and their teaching occupation.  This provides unique learning opportunities for our students as the faculty bring relative up-to-date broadcast information and innovation into the classroom.

As higher education evolves in unexpected ways, the new academics landscape demands innovation and flexibility from the Carolina School of Broadcasting as we serve our students.  Given the impact that faculty has on the potential success of our students, Carolina School of Broadcasting believes that the quality and on-going professional development of the faculty are essential to institutional and student success.

Our instructor list is comprised of some of the area’s finest and most well-known broadcasters.

Carolina School of Broadcasting is accreditated by the ACCSC.
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