Applying for Federal Financial Aid


To determine your eligibility for Federal financial aid at the Carolina School of Broadcasting, you must complete the following three steps:

1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at 

Things you may need:

The FAFSA application process will identify your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as well as several other key aspects that will be used to determine your overall Title IV financial aid eligibility.

2. Determine if you are selected for financial aid verification:

The Department of Education will process your FAFSA and email you a Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR will contain your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If there is an asterisk (*) next to your EFC on your SAR, you will need to provide additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office.  It is important to determine if your verification requirement is V1 Independent, V1 Dependent, V4 Independent, V5 Independent, V5 Dependent or V5 Aggregate Independent.  It will only be one of those specific verification requirements.  Once you’ve determined which specific verification is required, click on the correlating link below and download the forms.  The forms will tell you what documents are necessary.  Once you have the forms completed and the documents secured, you must submit them to the Financial Aid Office at Carolina School of Broadcasting.  We are happy to answer any questions about this process.

3. If you want to use Federal Direct student loans to pay of portion of your tuition, complete your Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling session online at 

4.  If  you are using Direct Federal student loans, complete your Entrance Counseling session:

5.  Submit official copies of all high school and previous college transcripts. 


IF you have questions or concerns about any portion of financial aid, please call our Financial Aid Office at 704-395-9272 x20. We are here to help!

Here are the verification forms that you might need should you be chosen for verification.  Please be sure to complete the correct form. See the notes above in #2.

2017-2018 V1 Independent Verification Worksheet-1

2017-2018 V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet (2)

2017-2018 V4 Independent Verification Worksheet

2017-2018 V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet (2)

2017-2018 V5 Independent Verification Worksheet

2017-2018 Student Low Income Form-1

2017-2018 Professional Judgement Form

 Note:  If you get locked out of your FAFSA account for possibly trying an incorrect password too many times, you will need to call 1-800-4Fed-Aid to regain access to your FAFSA account.

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